About Me

A short brief about myself

My name is Patrik Pfaffenbauer. I was born 1991 in Austria and live currently there. I’ve started developing in the age of 13. With 15 I started my apprenticeship and finished these three years later with an award (you can see this as a BSc).

After my education I started to work as an ERP Developer. But this was getting boring very fast. So I thought of going in a complete different way. Now I am working as an Embedded Software Engineer at BeKa Software. We work their on an Smart Home Automation System called SystemTera® (www.systemtera.com).

In my free time a work a lot on some open source projects. But you can find my GitHub Repository right here (www.github.com/p3root).

Read more about me in my CV.


In this area I will introduce you some of my projects I’m working on.

The best way to get a project done
faster is to start sooner.

Jim Highsmith



Some of my Web Projects. Most of them with PHP or ASP .NET. The most web apps I’m writing are for any mobile devices. The Cloud is everywhere 😉 More can you find in my blog.

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Desktop Apps

I will inform you about some Desktop Apps written in WPF, Windows Forms or Qt. The most desktop applications are any test tools. Or maybe configuration software. More can you find in my blog.


Mobile Apps

Most of my Mobile Apps are written for Windows Phone 7/8. Cause I don’t have any Macs near me, I can’t write IOS Apps. More can you find in my blog.



These is my favorite part of development. I love writing code for microcontrollers or embedded linux systems. Of course I’m using a lot of arduino like systems. More can you find in my blog.


Shown below is my featured work across several categories. For full detailed portfolio with my complete works see my portfolio page.



If you have any question, don’t be shy, just write an mail.


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